Q: Can I carry a passenger on my scooter?  My partner isn't so sure they can drive a scooter on their own.  

​Unfortunately, no.​  50cc scooters are classified as "mopeds" and carrying a passenger on a moped is not permitted under Oregon law.  To carry a passenger, the vehicle must be >50cc which is then considered a "motorcycle" and requires a motorcycle endorsement.

Fortunately, our Buddy 50cc scooters are super-easy to drive.  No clutch and no previous motorcycle-riding experience is required.  If you have good bicycle-riding skills, have strength and agility, we think you'll find our scooters easy to handle.  


Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?  I'd really hate to mess up my hair.

​Yes, it's for your safety.  And, it's the law.  We provide a helmet with every rental.  If you have your own DOT-approved helmet and wish to use that instead, you're more then welcome to do so.

Sorry about the 'do; our facility does have a bathroom where you can fix up after your day of fun riding.     

Oregon Vehicle Code

What's the Law?

speed limit map of Portland

Q: Can I take the scooters on all the bridges and the freeway?    

No.  Here are the restrictions:

  • The scooters only go ~30mph and are not permitted on freeways and highways

  • So you cannot take the scooters on Fremont Bridge (I-405) and the Marquam Bridge (I-5).    

  • The Tillicum Crossing is a pedestrian bridge only.  Motorized vehicles are not permitted.  

  • We also advise against going over the Hawthorne Bridge.  The roadway is made of steel grates that can feel very squirly. 

See map inset.  Due to the higher speed limits, you cannot take the scooters on roads marked red or purple

Q: How can I connect with locals to ride with?

​You're in luck!  Portlanders are a friendly bunch, and there are a couple of local scooter clubs that regularly host rides and get-togethers and they welcome all riders.  Check out:

Twist N Play Scooter Club

Portland Scooter Social Club

Q: Can I park the scooter on the sidewalk?  

A scooter is a motorized vehicle and should be treated as you would a car.  That means no parking on sidewalks, no driving on bike lanes, and follow all road signs for cars.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking?

​In many places in Portland, especially downtown, you have to pay for parking.  You can pay at many of our parking meters either with a credit card or with the Parking Kitty app. 

If using a credit card, the parking meter will issue a parking receipt which you can secure to your scooter using our provided locking-receipt-holder

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